Thinking Of Getting A New Pet?

Choosing the right pet for your family is an important decision, with a lot of factors to take in to consideration. Learn more about our drop-in clinics at Park Farm, where Kat Johnson can help you make an informed decision on choosing your new pet.

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Careful consideration is needed before adding a new member to your family.

It is sad, but true that a large number of pets end up in rescue centres, as owners do not fully realise what is involved with caring for the pet they have chosen.

Choosing the Right Pet

When it comes to choosing a new pet we often let our hearts decide rather than our heads. We fall in love with the looks and have an idealistic view of what it will be like to live with. We talk to breeders, pet shops and people who have the type of pets we are considering having.

This is a good way of finding out information, but we must remember these views will often look at the positive aspects of the animals, but not tell the full story.

Drop In Clinics at Scarsdale Vets Park Farm

Our practice at Park Farm Allestree is holding a regular drop in clinic on Wednesday afternoons between 2-4pm with our qualified veterinary nurse and behaviourist Kat Johnson.

We can take your individual needs into consideration, to help you make the right decision when choosing a new pet for your family.

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