TB Audits

Sue Ivings discusses the TB testing procedures and guidelines that farmers need to adhere to and how we recently passed our TB audit

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TB testing can be an inconvenient and troublesome time for the farmer, but there are procedures and guidelines in place that have to be adhered to. All of our vets have been trained to a high standard but, like farmers, they do have to be audited on a regular basis by XL Farmcare and Improve International.

This takes place while the vet is carrying out a routine TB test (with the farmer’s permission) and is followed up with a “classroom” session to make sure we’re up to date with legislation etc. I recently attended an XL Farmcare audit event to see what really happens.

XL Farmcare TB Testing Audit

The audit involves the vet being observed preparing for and carrying out the test with a host of other checks, for example checking that equipment is clean and well maintained, and checking that ear tags are read and recorded. Clip marks need to be visible and injection technique should be consistent and obviously, measurements need to be recorded correctly. Biosecurity is of major importance and this is also something that our vets are assessed on.

The checklist is quite lengthy but a good score is a vital part of passing the audit.

Audits are mostly pre-arranged so that everyone has time to prepare but on occasions an auditor will just turn up and carry out a spot check. This is why it is important that the vet is allowed to carry out the correct procedures at all times.

As well as the vets being checked, the practice is also subject to an audit, one of which has recently taken place here at Markeaton. The auditor visits the practice on a pre-arranged day and after an initial discussion we are marked on a whole range of subjects which include having correct storage and adequate records for the tuberculin, the safety of our IT system for test submission, equipment service and maintenance to something as simple as the correct paperwork being used.

Thankfully the Practice and all our vets have passed their audits with flying colours which shows that the procedures we are following, with the help of our clients, are working well.

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