TB Advisory Service

We are excited to announce that we are now offering free one-to-one on farm TB advice visits, providing bespoke recommendations for your herd whether currently clear or under TB restrictions.

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All cattle farmers across the High Risk and Edge area of England are entitled to receive this free advice which is funded by DEFRA and the EU through the Rural Development Programme for England, until 2020.


In my personal experience, every visit is different depending on the farm in question and can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Visits typically last from 1-3 hours and we will have the benefit of already knowing your system and type of business to help advise you accordingly. We will discuss any TB concerns you may have and then walk around your buildings and any accessible pasture to understand risk factors associated with housing, feeding and badger activity on land. At the end of the visit, we will discuss what we have seen and provide practical recommendations to reduce your TB risk.

After the visit you will receive a bespoke report which will cover the practical recommendations discussed on farm with us. Don’t worry, there is no penalty for not managing to input all recommendations, we are here to help and can provide advice on implementing changes after the visit too!

What Else Can We Do?

  • If you don’t have time for a visit we can provide telephone advice free of charge or one-to-one drop in clinics at our practice on Markeaton Lane too!
  • Manage your biosecurity: you can track TB breakdowns nationwide to check the TB status of herds you are purchasing from or those local to you via ibTB.
  • Keep up to date: see all the latest information on how to protect your herd from TB, including new legislation via TBHub.

If you have had a TB breakdown, you will have received a Farm Level Data Pack from APHA, which explains the level of TB risk to your herd. This can really help you identify how TB has been transmitted to your herd and will include the pattern of TB breakdowns, movements of cattle in the last 5 years and genotypes of M.bovis isolated in the lab from reactors (which can help identify the geographical area where that strain is commonly found). The report even shows genotypes of M.bovis isolated from TB breakdowns around your farm. Keep this report handy, we can use it at your free TB advice visit!

To book your TB advice visit, drop in session or to receive telephone advice please call us on 01332 294929. We will need your CPH, UK herd number and Single Business Identifier before your visit.

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