Staff Focus: Julie Scales

This month we asked Julie Scales, one of our Referral Secretaries about her passion outside of work. To say that Julie is a keen cyclist is an understatement – read more.

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This month we asked Julie Scales, one of our Referral Secretaries about her passion outside of work. To say that Julie is a keen cyclist is an understatement, and we had the pleasure of asking her, not only about her role within Scarsdale Vets, but also about her cycling.

How long have you worked at Scarsdale Vets and what is your role there?

My role is Referral Secretary and I’ve been here for almost 2 years.

What does your typical day entail?

My day consists of being greeted by an alarming amount of referral reports in my inbox which need to be formatted and sent on to the referral practices.

What do you love most about working at Scarsdale Vets?

Due to the varied specialities we provide I have learnt a great deal about pet care and find it fascinating. I also love meeting our clients and their animals when I’m down in reception and have made a lot of friends here.

How long have you been cycling?

I have actually only been cycling for about 6 years, having never cycled as a child. I learnt to ride a bike following a £10 lesson with Cycle Derby, riding around cones in the close outside my house.

What got you into cycling?

I was first introduced to cycling when my children were 8 and 10 when they joined the Go Ride scheme at school. We thought this was a great opportunity to have an activity as a family that would benefit us all. I quickly found myself riding at every opportunity. Within a year we were often out as a family riding 50 miles on a Sunday, with café stops and cake.

Do you train locally? And where is that?

I train on average 5 days a week, this consists of gym work, rollers and turbo sessions, road rides and velodrome track time. The rollers and turbo sessions I do at home in the garage, or “pain cave”, fitting it around my family. Road rides, are usually club runs at the weekends and evening Time Trials along the Long Lane and Windley courses with my club Derby Mercury. The gym and velodrome track time is done at the Derby Arena, which is fortunately less than half a mile away from Pride, which enables me to train either before or straight after work.

How did you get involved in competitive cycling?

Following the opening of Derby Arena, which is only one of 5 indoor velodromes in the UK, a weekly track league was created. The organisers of the Derby Track League put on a ladies only group, the first nationally, and I was encouraged to give it a go. I appreciated how lucky I was to have a chance to race at a world class venue so I gave it a go.

I quickly realised I enjoyed the competitive element, wasn’t last, got stuck in and finished the season 3rd in the league. Following that a friend of mine from the club and track league suggested that we should all go to the World Masters that year and put a team together, for the Team Pursuit, the “Derby Diva’s” were born and I have been hooked on competition ever since.

Your golden moments so far (list as many as you want – don’t be shy!)

  • Riding a 120km (75mile) Audax with my Daughter when she was 9 years old.
  • Getting around Llandegla mountain bike circuit in one piece, never again!
  • Getting back on my bike after 6 months off following a crash at Manchester Velodrome, breaking my scapula and fracturing my hip. This awarded me the not so coveted Flat Cat award that year.
  • Riding the St Bernard Pass (2,469mtrs 8,100ft) on the Swiss / Italian border with my friend.
  • 2015/16 Derby Arena Track League – Bronze
  • 2016 UCI World Masters Track Championship in Manchester
    • 500mtr Time Trial – 5th
    • 2k Individual Pursuit – 7th
    • 2k Team Pursuit – 6th
    • 500mtr Team Sprint – 10th
  • 2017 National LVRC Omnium in Newport (6 races over 2 days) – Bronze
  • 2017 National Masters Track Championship in Newport
    • 500mtr Time Trial (45-49 yrs National Champion!) – Gold.
    • 2k Individual Pursuit – Silver

What do you love most about the cycling that you do?

Track cycling is such a varied sport, from 2 lap sprint efforts to 20-mile bunch races, you never get bored. Even though it may look like you’re just going round in circles, it’s a lot more involved. It is about skill, technique, tactics and taking the speed from the design of the track, not just strength and speed.

Diving down from the top of the 42 degree banking at full gas is more of an adrenalin rush than any rollercoaster rides. Plus, unlike mountain biking, it never rains and I don’t have to clean the mud off my bike. Oh and not to mention the male sprinters have great thighs!

Scarsdale Vets are proud of Julie’s achievements and have offered some sponsorship towards Julie’s next competition, which will take place in Northern France in the Autumn.

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