Staff Focus: Erika Wood

In this month’s staff focus, we find out more about Erika Wood, Business Analyst at Scarsdale Vets.

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This month we find out more about Erika Wood, Business Analyst at Scarsdale Vets.

When did you start working for Scarsdale Vets?

I joined the team at Pride Veterinary Centre in July 2015.

What does your job entail on a day to day basis?

I am a Business Analyst so I create reports on things like sales figures, appointment analyses and client satisfaction. I also measure how each department is performing in line with their objectives.

As the Scarsdale Group grows, we want to ensure we are meeting our targets and still providing everything that our clients need.

What do you love the most about working at Scarsdale Vets?

My background is working with animals so I love still being in an environment and hearing about all the amazing work our referral centre performs. I am also grateful for the opportunities to be involved in other areas of the business.

When you are not at work, tell us a little bit about what else you do?

I love live music and enjoy performing whenever I get the chance at open mic nights or busking events. I used to live in South Africa and still love travelling, but when I am at home, there’s nothing better than relaxing with my four cats!

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