Staff Focus: Aurelie Lippens

Learn more about vet Aurélie Lippens and what her job involves in this month’s staff focus.

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When did you start working for Scarsdale Vets?

My partner and I were attracted by the area (especially the Peak District), so we decided to move in. I started working at Scarsdale Vets in November 2016.

What does your job entail on a day to day basis?

I work every weekday at Pride Veterinary Centre as well as some weekends. From time to time you can also find me in some of the branches. At Pride, I’m either in consultations, performing surgeries or in wards (looking after the hospitalised pets). It is quite varied.

What do you love the most about working at Scarsdale Vets?

I really enjoy working in a very nice environment where everything is high standard. It is a big hospital but once I got to know my colleagues it became an even better place to work. I do enjoy the fact that as a first opinion vet, I have the opportunity to see an interesting variety of cases. Also, with the referral teams based at the practice, I have the opportunity to see some of their complicated or rare cases. It’s a great environment to learn and to try as much as I can to be up to date with the medical sciences.

When you are not at work, tell us a little bit about what else you do?

When I’m off, I enjoy nice walks with my dog. I’m quite epicurean: I love cooking and eating nice food, socialising, laughing, discovering cities and learning their history. My partner and I play badminton. I love dancing. When I’ve got a longer break, I love going back to Belgium to catch up with my friends and family.

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