Springwood Vets Called to Swan on Busy Road

Springwood Vets Were Called to Swan on Busy Road in Burton upon Trent.

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Georgina Hall with swan imageThe vets at Springwood Veterinary Centre had a rather unusual patient to attend to when an injured swan was rescued from traffic on St. Peter’s Bridge.

Springwood Veterinary Centre received a call from a member of the public on Thursday afternoon regarding an injured swan on St. Peter’s Bridge.  Vet Paul Revell and Veterinary Nurse Georgina Hall immediately went to pick it up.

Paul Revell, Associate Partner based at Springwood Veterinary Centre said,  “As you can imagine, the traffic on St. Peters Bridge was almost at a standstill with everyone stopping to look at the poor swan.  Luckily he was easy to restrain and we got him back to the surgery in no time to check him over.  There were lots of grazes to his feet and lower legs but thankfully there were no other injuries.  Within 20 minutes of rescuing him we had released him back onto the river – another happy customer!”

It’s not uncommon for swans to be involved in road traffic accidents, particularly on St. Peter’s Bridge where they misjudge their landing and taking off from the river.

Paul added, “This swan was very lucky not to have had serious injuries.  If you do find an injured swan try and keep it still in one place.  Try not to let it move or try to fly away as it may hurt itself further.  They are surprisingly heavy and powerful birds so you are best not to handle them at all.  If a Swan is in a road then you need to notify the police first as it is a danger to motorists.  If it is off the road then ring the RSPCA or local vets surgery.”

“This is a very rewarding part of our job and it was a lovely sight to see the swan swimming off to join the others.”

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