Senior Horse Promotion 2016

Our Senior Horse Promotion helps you to keep your Old Friend happy and healthy in their later years. During Nov & Dec we have a Senior Horse Offer – £65.00

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picsequineseniorhorseWith winter now upon us, it is a good time to think about your ‘old friends’ and how you can keep them healthy and make their winter more comfortable.

During November and December 2016 we are offering a Senior Horse Check for just £65.00 (including VAT)

The Senior Horse Check includes:

  • full clinical examination
  • discussion about nutrition, dentistry and general management
  • senior blood profile
  • worm egg count.

Caring for the Older HorseSo help keep your horse or pony healthy and happy in their later years and book them in for a Senior Horse Check

£65.00 (including VAT)

The Senior Horse Check is great for keeping your horse healthy and happy in their later years. It will check your horse’s general organ health, including;

  • Brief lameness examination and assessment of their feet to ensure your horse is comfortable
  • Old But Dearly LovedEye check for any age-related visual impairment
  • Teeth – checking their mouth comfort and their ability to chew and digest food effectively
  • General check of their heart and lungs

This would usually cost £135.00 so represents fantastic value for the older horse. This senior horse check is available for horses 16 years and older and is available during November and December 2016.

Equine Cushing'sThese visits are offered on our Zone Visit Scheme

Call 01332 294929 to book your horse in for a Senior Horse Check.

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