Schmallenberg Vaccine Launch

The world’s first Schmallenberg vaccine has been launched – Bovillis SBV

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Sheep imageSchmallenberg Vaccine Launch

Tuesday 4th June saw the official launch of the worlds 1st Schmallenberg vaccine – Bovilis SBV


The Uk is the first country to license the vaccine with the intention of making it available to the sheep farmers prior to tupping in the late Summer Autumn.

Various surveys have shown that the virus is firmly entrenched in the UK livestock and midge populations and is likely to have overwintered in both hosts. More worryingly serological studies of infected farms has shown that even on units with clinical cases only a proportion of the animals were infected meaning that a high % of the flock/herd is susceptible to infection this midge season with the risk of further deformed calves and production loss in dairy cattle.

The vaccine will be available in 10 or 50 dose vials but as with all similar vaccines the whole vial should be used within 4 hours of taking the first dose.

Dosage regimes are –

Sheep: 1  subcutaneous 2ml dose from  4 months of age with immunity taking 3 weeks to be fully acquired. The vaccine must not be given concurrently with any other vaccine or to pregnant animal so sheep farmers must think carefully about timing of vaccination in the Summer particularly if they are also using abortion vaccines pre-tupping

Cattle: From 2 months of age intramuscular injection of 2 doses of 2ml separated by a gap of approximately 4 weeks. Again the vaccine must not be given concurrently with any other vaccine or to pregnant animals so this obviously may make the prospect of vaccinating entire dairy herds a difficult prospect without very good organization, however where there is known to have been a problem with infected midges the previous season clients should seriously consider vaccinating the heifers preferably starting the course at least 7 weeks prior to serving. It should be borne in mind that with most Dairy herds the major economic loss was not the birth of the odd deformed calf but the clinical disease in the adult milking cows with the subsequent severe milk drop in most affected herds.


10 dose vial £32.90 + VAT

50 dose vial £164.30+ VAT

If you have questions about Schmallenberg or the vaccine, please contact the Markeaton practice on 01332 294929

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