Scarsdale Vets & Their Pets: Joanna

This month we speak to small animal vet Joanna, and learn more about her pets.

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Hello! I’m Joanna, a vet at Scarsdale Vets. I work at both Pride Veterinary Centre and the Park Farm practice.

What Pets Do You Have?

I live with our 2 family dogs, Willow and Luna and our cat, Teddy.

What Are They Like?

Willow is an 8-year-old Whippet, who loves finding a sunny spot to have a nap after her walks. She’s a clever girl but that has its downsides, like when she lets you know if she thinks it’s her dinner time by dropping her metal bowl on the floor to make a loud clang!

Luna is a 6 month old Italian greyhound who is very bouncy and mischievous as you’d expect. You’ll find her either exploring in the garden or curled up in a blanket once she’s tired herself out.

And last but not least, Teddy a 13-year-old tabby cat who we rescued with his sister as kittens after they were found abandoned. He loves everyone unconditionally and he’s always on the lookout for food.

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