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This month we talk to Clinic Nurse Helen Charlesworth about her pet cat, Floss.

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Who Am I?

My name is Helen Charlesworth and I am a clinic nurse based at Pride Veterinary Centre. I do however cover our local practices when required.

What Pet Do I Have?

I have a cat called Floss.

Is Floss A Rescue?

Floss came to me after being involved in a road traffic accident from which she suffered a fractured pelvis. When I was working at my
last practice as a locum nurse, she had already been there for roughly a month and a half. I initially took her home for the weekend as no other staff member could look after her and she has never left!

Tell Us More About Floss

Floss is a people loving cat, she is not food orientated unless she wants her breakfast in the morning. She rules the roost and no other four legged or furry being is allowed.

One Thing I Want People To Know About Floss

Due to her injury Floss required more radiographs and cage resting for her first 6 weeks in her new home. Whilst tough for all involved, I would make the same decision again as she is worth every penny.

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