Scarsdale Vets & Their Pets: Charlotte

General Administrator Charlotte shares more about her dog Marley, who she rehomed 12 weeks ago.

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I’m Charlotte, General Administrator at Scarsdale Vets. My dog Marley is an American Bulldog cross Boxer and he is 6 years old.

I always say he’s a big boy with a puppy brain as he is playful, crazy and loves a cuddle. If you stop fussing him his leg will tap you as if to say, ‘don’t stop!’ or he will put his head on your legs until he gets the fuss he is after.

His best friend is my eldest daughter Bethany, they follow each other around all the time.

Marley is super cheeky and knows how to wrap us around his little paw to get what he wants. Marley is a rescue dog and has settled into our family so well over the past 12 weeks. He has already made such a big impact on us all; he is one very loved boy!

One thing I want people to know about Marley is that he may look big and scary but all he wants to do is lick you and have lots of love and fuss.

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