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Client Care Advisor Alison, from our Alfreton practice tells us all about her 14 whippets!

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What Pets Do You Have?

I am the proud owner of 14 beautiful whippets.‘Why so many?’ I hear you ask, I keep asking myself the same question! The reason I have so many is I breed and show them and always keep 2 puppies back to run on, to see which one turns out best for showing. Unfortunately, I get too attached to them and can’t part with them, hence 14 whippets! Each one has their own personality and are very different, but I love them all equally and don’t have any favourites.

Why Whippets?

I first fell in love with the breed whilst living in Sheffield, I was about 10 years old and my friend had one, but then again, at the time most people in Yorkshire had a whippet and a flat cap.

I love how streamline they are and the breath-taking speed they run, (0-40mph in 3 seconds) plus they are so affectionate and don’t need much exercise, they surprisingly sleep 90% of the day and are very laid back.

Tell Us More More About Each Of Your Whippets

Jazzmine and Ellie who are 8 years old now were my first two whippets, then along came Lewis, followed by Jazzmine’s pups Oliver, Millie and Titch. Titch was born with a cleft palate and had to be hand reared, she is the smallest whippet you are ever likely to see and often gets mistaken for an Italian greyhound. Ellie had her litter and as a result Emma arrived.

Millie then gave us Tammy and after this Millie had a second litter, which was quite accidental, due to my husband not doing as he was told and keeping Lewis and Oliver away from Millie whilst she was in season. As a result Ginny and Olive arrived! We then purchased Cilla from one of the top breeders and she has given us three beautiful pups, Wilson, Siri and Lilly. I hope you could keep up with that!

Cilla does very well in the show ring and achieved a 2nd place in her class at Crufts last year. We also met Prince Michael of Kent, which was quite embarrassing, as I didn’t know who he was at the time. He came and shook my hand and said what a beautiful dog Cilla was, he particularly liked her red brindle colouring.

He asked about breeding and did we breed for colour, I was rattling on, telling him how you never know what colours you are going to get until they are born. He was very interested and asked me loads of questions, which I was happy to answer, we had a lovely conversation.

I came out of the ring and my friend was so excited, I have a lovely photo of you and the Prince she said, to which I replied, ’what do you mean the Prince, he was from the Kennel Club wasn’t he?, You ignoramus she replied that was Prince Michael of Kent, by which time I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, if I had known who he was I would have put on my best telephone voice, but no he got my Yorkshire accent instead!

I am so proud of all my dogs and I am really looking forward to showing Cilla’s pups in December, when they are 6 months old. All my dogs love showing and always try their hardest for me, they never let me down and win or lose I always take the best dog home.

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