Scarsdale Vets & Their Pets | Alex Butler

I am Alex Butler, a small animal veterinary nurse at our new Langley Mill practice – here is a little bit about my many pets.

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I have a lot of pets! Firstly, a 6-year-old horse called Louie. He is very much a hooligan and always at the centre of any trouble.

I also have three cats; my two black cats are brothers called Ronnie and Reggie (named after the very famous Kray twins) and I think that they were sent to destroy my house!

We rescued these two after one of our dogs passed away.

My other cat is a 17-year-old rescue Tabby called Moo Moo. She had a broken leg and no tail as well as no funds for treatment, so I took her on and she is now very much a mummy’s girl and queen of the house.

I also have a Springer Spaniel called Hank, he is only 7 months old and is crazy already! (He also likes to think he is a cat at times.)

And finally, my bearded dragon, Lestat. He is 10-years-old and only seems to have two settings which are eating and sleeping.

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