Scarsdale Vets & Their Pets: Alex

Alex from our retail team shares more about her various pets in our latest instalment of Scarsdale Vets & Their Pets!

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What Pets Do You Have & What Are They Like?

Ok, sit down, grab a drink/snacks and be ready for me to ramble on about my amazing animals! Two dogs, two cats and a horse – lets start with the cats!

Oscar is a domestic short hair tabby cat, super handsome but also super fat. We’re always trying to get weight off of him but unfortunately, he remains gigantic! He loves being around people and lives a leisurely life whilst being treated like the king he is.

Cat is a domestic short hair silver tabby, originally called Dorothy but it really didn’t suit her! We decided to change it, but couldn’t think of anything, so she’s just stayed as Cat! She’s adorable, however possibly the most annoying cat you’ll ever meet. She’s so friendly, absolutely loves fuss and cuddles, but she doesn’t stop meowing… ever. She also drools a lot, shares my pillow with me at night and licks my eyelids. Disgusting.

The dogs are Mallie and Scamps – Mallie is a border terrier cross something, we have no idea what. She is the happiest dog you will meet; she loves everyone and everything! She finds everything exciting, there’s no tiring her out and she is on the go ALL the time. She is also the naughtiest dog ever, and teamed with Scamps, my house has taken quite the battering (more on that later).

Scamps is a Parsons terrier who is absolutely adorable, however is petrified of life outside the house. We’re not sure what happened to him as a young dog but 4 years later we are still trying to reassure him that not everything is going to eat him!

Now, Scamps and Mallie together are a nightmare – they get on SO well together but they’re absolute terrors, they eat, chew and climb up everything! They actually inspired me to start a blog which essentially consists of sharing my misery of the amount of damage they’ve caused in my life.

And wrapping things up with my horse, Chisum (named by his breeder after the John Wayne film, before you ask!) He’s a 16hh Appaloosa X Friesian which is a bit of an odd mix, but I think it works for him! Chiz is basically an over-grown dog. He is super playful and always wants attention – he thinks I’ve been placed on this planet with the sole purpose of attending to his every need. Which to be fair, I’m sure most horse owners will agree, it definitely feels that way sometimes!

Are Your Pets Rescues?

I actually stole Oscar from my brother-in-law! He did agree to me having him, but I just fell in love with him the first time I met him! Cat was rescued after I did some charity work at a farm. I rang my husband and said I wanted to bring her home with me… he said no. So, I bought her home anyway and he’s never trusted me to go anywhere near rescue centres alone since! Scamps was from the Dogs Trust in Loughborough, who have been so supportive and helpful to us as he really did struggle with life. They were on the end of the phone whenever we needed a bit of advice. And Mallie was rescued from a local rescue shelter to me called Castlefield.

What Is One Thing You Would Like People To Know About Your Pets?

Oh, my animals have provided me with so many funny stories to tell! One of my favourites resulted in my husband screaming like a child… Scamps has a habit of burying his treats and toys, so it should have come as no surprise when he decided to save his dried chicken foot in a safe location. What was a surprise, was when Jack climbed into bed that night and found said chicken foot carefully buried under his pillow. The resulting scream was worth it though, hilarious!

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