Scarsdale Vets & Their Pets: Yvette Rowntree

I have many pets – learn more about each of them and how they became part of the family

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I love animals and have many pets, which include a pug called Rosie, six cats and five ferrets!

Rosie The Pug

Rosie is very cheeky and energetic. Though she is slowing down a bit now, she still looks and acts like a puppy! She is also best friends with my mother-in-law’s cat! I rescued Rosie when she was a puppy, as she is not able to be shown. Rosie is proof that pugs don’t have to be fat!

Jas, Bug, Lily, Squirt, Tara & Ginge The Cats

Jasper-Lou (Jas) is my eldest cat and we first met on the 4th day of my first job when she was only a few days old and had a damaged foot. Jas wasn’t impressed when Bug arrived and she’s definitely the grown up member of the family and disapproves of most things! Jas likes to climb on the shoulders of anyone who visits the house and enjoys rummaging through peoples’ bags.

Bug arrived as a 5-week-old abandoned kitten with a poorly back and has since grown into a very handsome boy. He doesn’t realise he has a tail and isn’t the brightest, but he likes to try and steal custard and ice cream, and cuddles up with two of my other cats, Squirt and Lily.

Lily, who came as a stray kitten, has a very sweet nature, however, she does tell anyone off who sneezes near her!

Squirt, who was also a stray kitten, came in with a damaged tail and cat flu. Squirt’s name is a hint as to the state of her digestive system when she first arrived! Squirt can be very feisty, but also patient with my toddler and adores Bug, demanding that he grooms her. Squirt is also a little jealous and will push anyone else out of the way if they are having fuss that she wants.

Tara another stray kitten has the softest coat ever, but sadly doesn’t much like living with other cats, so she has her own areas of the house.

Ginge is another who came to us as a very poorly kitten. He was initially nervous due to having to had lots of medication, but he’s now a very handsome boy who likes a good fuss and often forgets to make a noise when he meows.

Tess, George, Inara, Tommy & Ronnie The Ferrets

I also have five Ferrets – Tess, George, Inara, Tommy and Ronnie. Tess is George and Inara’s mum and Tommy’s grandma. Ronnie came to us as a stray. Inara has only three legs following a nasty fracture, but people often don’t notice even when holding her.

They are a very friendly troop who like to have lots of play time and live in a big shed with lots of things to play with. They also come to the University with me for practical teaching sessions with the vet students.

My Animal Top Tips

Pugs don’t have to be overweight and ferrets aren’t necessarily bitey and smelly!

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