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Learn about my two Portuguese Water Dogs, Paddy & Jester

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I am Sophie Rawlinson and I work solely as a small animal first opinion vet; usually at the Shelton Lock practice (but previously I have been at Park Farm and Pride Veterinary Centre). I graduated in 2017 and have been with Scarsdale Vets since then.

I have two lovely beasties, a 12-year-old brown boy (Paddy) and a 11-month-old black boy (Jester). The 12-year-old likes the quiet life now, so tends to spend most of his time with my parents, while Jester lives with me.

Due to my family’s allergies we had to have a dog that wouldn’t shed, and once you fall in love with a breed then that’s it.
They’re Portuguese Water Dogs, they have slightly blue/grey skin, webbed feet and they don’t shed – brilliant for the carpets… not so good for mud-collecting! Occasionally, Jester will accompany me to work at Shelton Lock (you may see us walking at lunch-time!)

We’re just about to start his (promising, I’m sure) agility career, so have signed up for pre-agility classes at Scarsdale Vets. We attended his first one recently, so much enthusiasm, so little talent… we have some new tricks to learn!

Otherwise, I have yet to build up my menagerie. My partner is very resistant to guinea pigs for some reason but I’m sure I’ll wear him down eventually – they’re such loving pets.

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