Scarsdale Vets & Their Pets: Kirsty Spalton

We interview VIP Administrator Kirsty Spalton shares more about her pets and why she chose them

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Kirsty is based at Pride Veterinary Centre and shares all about her 3 rabbits and dog.

What Pets Do You Have?

4 pets: 3 rabbits: Timmy, Peanut & Hazel; 1 dog: Narla

Are They A Rescue?

Narla is a rescue; we adopted her in August 2018 (we only went to donate to the rescue!) It is believed she was a stray and has been attacked so she is afraid of other dogs. She had been adopted before but returned to the rescue. We are working on this with Senior Nurse, Kat Johnson in dog training classes at Allestree and she is getting better, it will just take time.

Why Did You Choose These Pets?

Timmy: We got him from a lady in Ross-on-Wye – we wanted a French Lop.

Peanut & Hazel: We got them from a client to be friends with Timmy (which hasn’t worked out because we cannot get Peanut spayed because of her heart murmur) and we have not got Hazel spayed at the moment, so it doesn’t upset their relationship.

Narla: Adopted from a rescue. We only went to donate items and came home with her!

Tell Us About Their Names, Personalities, Likes, Quirkiness etc.

Timmy: Loves to chill out under the dining room table, hates being groomed and can be very grumpy. Fuss and love is on his own terms!

Peanut: Very bouncy and mischievous! Loves cuddles and fuss. Recently diagnosed with a heart murmur so we must be careful with her and monitor her respirations etc.

Hazel: Very bouncy, less mischievous. Loves cuddles and fuss with people she knows, gets scared if she doesn’t know you.

Narla: CRAZY! Very loving, well-behaved dog. Loves to play and zooms around a lot. Loves to sleep on the bed.

What Is The One Thing You Would want People To Know About Your Pets?

They may be hard work (Narla with her dislike of other dogs and Peanut with her heart condition) but they are worth it and are my world!

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