Rabbits Can Get Poorly Too: Meet Rhubarb

Rhubarb decided to eat some of her owner’s carpet, upsetting her delicate bunny tummy. The fibres of carpet formed a blockage in her stomach. Read how she was treated and what her recovery involved

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Rhubarb is a 1-and-a-half-year-old mini lop bunny. She lives indoors with her “husbun” Radish!

One day last year Rhubarb was feeling naughty, and decided to eat some of her owner’s carpet. This was bad news for a delicate bunny tummy, and the fibres of carpet formed a blockage in her stomach. She stopped eating and got a very swollen belly.

Treatment & Recovery

Her owner rushed her to the vets, where they took x-rays, gave her pain relief and IV fluids. However, Rhubarb was going to need surgery to remove the carpet fibres, so she was referred to a rabbit specialist in order to receive the best care possible.

She was very poorly, and it was unlikely that she would make it through the surgery however, she miraculously pulled through! After just a few hours she was eating her favourite food (kale) and being nursed back to health by a team of veterinary nurses. Even Radish was there to keep her company.

After 4 days of intensive care and support, Rhubarb was able to come home.

Rhubarb was very lucky that her owner had got her insured, as all of the vet bills came to around £1,500!

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