It’s Quizmas Time

Test your knowledge with our winter horse quiz and be in with a chance of winning a prize! Take the quiz today!

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1. At what temperature should you rug your unclipped native horse/ pony when turning out?

A) 10°C

B) 5°C

C) 0°C

2. What bacteria causes the common winter condition “mud fever”?

A) Staphylococcus Aureus

B) Dermatophilus Congolensis

C) Dermatophytosis

3. What type of colic might vets be most concerned about when horses are stabled for prolonged periods during the snow?

A) Impaction colic

B) Diarrhoea

C) Tympanitic (gassy) colic

4. How many litres of water per day is a horse required to drink?

A) 20-40 litres

B) 15-25 litres

C) 5-15 litres

5. Should laminitic horses or ponies be turned out on frosty grass?

A) Yes

B) No

6. What foodstuff has the least calories?

A) 1kg Soaked hay

B) 1kg Dry hay

C) 1kg Haylage

7. How many hours a day should a horse eat for?

A) 8-12hrs

B) 12-16hrs

C) 18-24hrs

8. Approximately how many hours a day does a horse sleep for?

A) 8 hours

B) 3 hours

C) 6 hours

9. What is the normal core temperature range for an adult horse?

A) 35.7°C – 36.7°C

B) 37°C – 38.3°C

C) 38°C – 39.5°C

10. How many flu and combined flu/ tetanus vaccinations have we carried out in November 2018?

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