Preparing For Housing

Planning ahead for winter housing now can save you time and money in the long run. Follow Emily Sycamore’s tips

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Every year time seems to go faster and before you know it autumn (and the prospect of winter housing) has crept up on you.

Planning ahead now can save you time and money in the long run, so it is well worth considering the points below.

Check over your buildings. Are there leaks in the roof creating overly wet bedding? Are all the water troughs clean and fully functional? Is there enough space in the shed to house the number and size of cattle that you intend to use it for? Was the shed properly cleaned out and disinfected at the end of the last housing period?

All of these factors are vital to ensure that your cattle remain fit and healthy over winter.

It is difficult to assess the ventilation requirements of a building before it has animals in it, especially if you intend to use smoke bombs to look at air flow, but measurements of the building can be taken and a recommendation of stocking density made to allow optimal ventilation. If you are interested in an assessment of your buildings and ventilation, please contact us for more details.

Make sure you have any vaccines and/or wormers in stock that you may wish to administer at housing. Being prepared and only handling the cattle once as you bring them in will save you time and save the animals stress!

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