Pre Agility For Dogs

Pre agility is suitable for any breed or age of dog. Kat Johnson RVN Dip Instructor explains more about pre agility for dogs. Find out more.

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Kat Johnson RVN Dip Instructor explains more about pre agility for dogs.

What is Pre Agility?

Pre agility is a mix of basic commands such as sit, stay, recall and paying attention to owners. With the added challenge of learning to use agility equipment, such as jumps, weaves and contact equipment.

Who Can Attend?

Any breed or age of dog can do agility. Some are better designed than others, but we are not looking for competition standards. This course is designed as a fun activity to do with your dog. All the equipment used is low to prevent the stress impact on joints.

Owners who are having problems with over excitability, running off in/at the park or attention seeking behaviour often find pre agility helps.

Dogs with high energy levels or very intelligent dogs benefit the most from learning agility as it provides good mental stimulus and an outlet for them to exercise.

What Are The Benefits of Pre Agility?

  • Dogs can learn to listen and pay attention to their owners in a very distracting environment.
  • Enables owners to practice recall skills where other dogs and people are present.
  • Continues learning and social skills into the dog’s adult life.

Plus, it is a fun environment for owners to meet other like minded people!

If you would like more information or to enrol on a pre agility course please contact Kat on 01332 554422

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