Our Training and Behavioural Services

Our lovely RVN and Dog Trainer Kat Johnson discusses the range of services and classes Scarsdale offer for those pets who may need a little extra help!

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Puppy classes

Have you got a new puppy under 4 months old?

Why not come and join our puppy course here at Scarsdale, where we can kick start your journey of training and education for your brand new pup!

During the course the puppies have time to play, and you can practice training your puppy to walk nicely on the lead, sit when greeting other dogs and people and calling your puppy back to you off lead.

I’ll also be present during the course, giving advice on any questions you have about your puppy’s development and training needs.

The course is on a Wednesday evening 6.15pm at Scarsdale Equine and large animal site on Markeaton Lane.

The cost for the 4-week course is £52 which includes a puppy pack.


Have you an older dog that needs training?

We offer 1-2-1 training services for those owners or dogs that do not want to attend training in large groups of dogs or people, ensuring we give the best quality of time possible to your dog.

The sessions are personalised to suit your needs and deals with everyday habits that you may be finding difficult.

The course contains 4 x 30 minutes training sessions with me, plus advice sheets to continue training at home.

This service is offered at Scarsdale Vets at Park Farm Surgery.

Cost is £100 for 4 x 30 minutes individual training plus any homework training sheets you may require.


Is your dog having behavioural issues?

  • Dog to dog aggression?
  • Dog to human aggression?
  • Nervous behaviour?
  • Resource guarding?
  • Separation issues?

We can help with these more serious cases too! Why not see me for an initial consultation, and we can help you start improving your dog’s behaviour. If you would like a more practical hands-on approach or feel would like extra help and support this can also be arranged with a tailored training programme.

This service is only at our Park Farm Scarsdale Practice although, at an extra cost home visit can be done.



Often, people do not realise we can help stressed cats by coming to your home too!

The core territory for your cat is so important, and often we can improve their environment easing indoor and outdoor stress factors.

Cats often develop medical problems such as over grooming and cystitis when they are stressed. One of the most common reported behavioural problems with cats is inappropriate urination.

Recently, I went to visit Dobby who had been treated at the vets for a urinary tract infection (UTI) but had continued to urinate on the owner’s sofa after the UTI had been resolved. I was able to rectify the problem within a few weeks by re -establishing that the cat litter tray was safe. Dobby had linked the painful UTI infection to the cat litter tray hence where he was relucent to use it even after he was better.

To book a home visit for your cats, or any of the services above, please call us on 01332 554422

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