Our Companions can Save Lives through Blood Donation

Pride Veterinary Centre holds a feline blood donation program open to owners and their cats. We are always needing more feline blood donors, as there is no Pet Blood Bank as there is for dogs. For more information on cat blood donations, please click the headline.

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Pride Veterinary Centre holds a feline blood donation program open to owners and their cats.


Why give blood?

Our first opinion and specialty practice receives large amounts of critical cases requiring blood transfusion on an emergency basis. Having a blood bank and a reliable list of voluntary cat blood donors available helps us to handle these situations effectively.


What are the benefits of being a feline blood donor?

  • Free physical exam
  • Free blood tests
  • Free gift for your cat


Who qualifies as a feline blood donor?

Blood donors must be less than 10 years of age, weigh more than 3.5kgs, be clinically healthy and friendly. If the lifestyle conditions of the cat change, the owners of the blood donor would need to inform us before donating.

Before becoming a part of our blood donor program, the future donor will be thoroughly examined by a qualified veterinarian and a laboratory health screening will be performed. The blood type will be checked as well as the status for retroviral diseases (feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukaemia virus).


When would the cat give blood?

The owner will be called when an urgent blood donation is required.


What happens during blood donation?

The hair is shaved from the neck on one or both sides to collect blood from the jugular vein. The blood collection is performed aseptically by a trained registered veterinary nurse or veterinarian and takes approximately 15 minutes.

Cats may require sedation to decrease stress from being restrained during blood collection, you would be informed beforehand should sedation be necessary in your cat.


How often can a cat give blood?

A cat can safely give blood every 6 weeks. However, we do our best to use our donors on a rotating basis to decrease the frequency of donation.


If you have any questions about the feline blood donation program at Pride Veterinary Centre or if you would like to have your cat registered, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01332 678333 and ask to speak to a veterinary nurse.

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