Narla’s Behaviour Classes

Read how behavioural consults helped Narla overcome her fear aggression

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Recently, VIP Administrator Kirsty adopted a dog called Narla. It is thought that Narla had previously been attacked by a dog resulting in her having fear aggression. This means that when Narla was face to face with another dog she would react by barking and being aggressive, which is why Kirsty took her to see Senior Veterinary Nurse Kat for a behaviour consult.

Kat assessed Narla at Pride Veterinary Centre but soon realised that Narla would benefit more from one-to-one sessions due to her difficulties with other dogs.

Our behavioural consults are aimed at those individual dogs with special needs and requirements. It consists of a 1-hour consultation with training programme to follow at home plus a 30-minute review one month after initial consultation.

During the first consult Kirsty discussed what she wanted to gain from this, which was to enable Narla to go on walks without being stressed and fearful of other dogs. To get an idea of Narla’s problems Kat took her for a walk outside the practice. So, together they came up with methods of calming Narla down when she gets anxious.

Narla was also introduced to a muzzle positively at home using food treats. When she was comfortable with this it was used to help relax her in veterinary examinations.

At the start of the training it was difficult for Narla to even go for a walk at all, she would have to cross the road if there was another dog in sight, walk in the complete other direction or even be taken back home. But by the time Narla visited Kat for the third time she was doing really well and was able to increase her walks to 30 minutes.

Kirsty says she is a lot easier to control and calm down now, although the odd dog may surprise Narla and make her bark all in all she has progressed massively. Kirsty is also keen to get her at agility classes and mixing with other dogs. Hopefully, when Narla next visits Kat she will be ready to try to them.

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