My Dog/Cat Has A Lump, Do I Need To Worry?

Does your pet have a lump? Read our guidance below as to whether it is something you should be worried about.

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Finding a problem with your pet is worrying for owners at the best of time but especially no we are in this time of uncertainty and lockdown, we are always here to help.

We regularly see lots of lumps and bumps of all shapes and sizes which can range from the totally benign (non cancerous) lumps up to very malignant (nasty cancerous) lumps. Often just by looking at the lump it is almost impossible to tell you what it is and often need to take samples to get a diagnosis.

Due to the current systems in place to help minimise the risk and spread of the Coronavirus, we are having a lot of questions about lumps via email asking if pets need to be seen. There are several things that will help us answer this question and enable us to treat your pets appropriately:

  • Where is the lump?
  • Has the lump suddenly developed?
  • Is it an old lump that has started to grow suddenly?
  • How big is the lump?
  • Has it changed in appearance at all i.e. altered in colour, shape
  • Does it feel different – has it become harder or softer?
  • Can you move the lump or is it attached?
  • Is your pet irritated by the lump? Does it lick or scratch at it?
  • Is there any discharge from or around the lump?
  • Does your pet show any pain when you touch the area?
  • Is it bleeding?
  • Have they got or had any other lumps that we have seen in the past and investigated?

This list of questions is by no means exhaustive and a photo of the lump is always useful. If you have found a new lump on your pet and can send us this information via email to, we will do our best to advise you if your pet needs to be seen.

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