Making Your TB Test Work For You

Make the most out of your TB test and make full use of this time to carry out some routine work whilst the vet is on farm.

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Making your TB test work for you. Ever thought about taking advantage of having a vet on farm whilst your routine TB test is being carried out? Why not make full use of this time to carry out some routine work, for example;

  • Day 1 – Bloods can be taken to test for infectious diseases e.g. BVD, IBR, Lepto and Johnes
  • Day 2 – Worming, fly control, bolus administration and vaccinating can be done.

With advance notice, our vets may also be able to carry out PDs, body condition scoring and also mobility scoring. This is all carried out by one of our Vet Techs.

TB testing is a necessary job but hopefully, by giving you these options, we could help save valuable time and labour.

For further information on making your TB test work for you, please contact your vet.

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