The importance of looking after your pet’s teeth

Worried about your pet’s teeth? Are you noticing bad breath? Don’t know where to start? Amy and Helen at our Oakwood Site have done a quick intro to pet’s teeth, as well as some products which may help!

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What can you do to prevent dental disease and dental pain in your pet’s teeth?

  • Brush your pets teeth daily (if this is tricky, finger brushes are also available)
  • Use “plaque off” – A dietary supplement to prevent tartar build up on cat and dog’s teeth. It also prevents bad breath!
  • Use AniDent products – Their tooth brush and defence toothpaste helps to remove plaque and calculus formation. AniDent soothing dental gel also helps to sooth the gums after a scale and polish and promotes good oral hygiene.
  • Use VetPro Oral Health supplements – Helps reduce plaque and remove tartar

All of these products names above are available at our Pride Park retail shop as well as some other Scarsdale branches.



Why is it important to look after our pet’s teeth?

It’s important to look after our pet’s teeth to prevent dental diseases such as:

    • Gingivitis
    • Peritonitis
    • Stomatitis
    • Tooth root abscesses/ infections in the mouth

Looking after your pet’s teeth can also prevent the need for dental extractions as your pet gets older. Booking in a scale and polish whilst your pet is under 7 years old will help remove hard plaque and also help prevent the need for dental extractions as your pet becomes older and heads into their senior years.

Before and After Dental Procedure – which includes removing plaque and a scale and polish





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