Keeping Your Pets Safe in Warmer Weather

We all enjoy the hot summer months – even if they are few and far between! Vet Sanduni Senaratne shares her tips for keeping your pet safe in warmer weather

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We all enjoy the hot summer months – even if they are few and far between!

And most of us enjoy sharing these days with our trusty four legged friends. However, it is easy to forget how they may cope differently to the scorching heat that we thoroughly enjoy.

The Impact Of Warm Weather On Pets


Our canine friends are prone to struggling to cope when the weather is too warm and in some instances this could lead to serious health risks. Heat stroke is a medical emergency and occurs when the body cannot control it’s internal temperature due to being exposed to high temperatures externally.

Some signs to look out for are excessive panting, lethargy and collapse.

If you suspect your pet is overheating then contact the nearest emergency vets immediately as this could be a life threatening condition. During the interim take them to a cool area and place a wet towel over them to reduce the temperature.

Staying Safe Outdoors

If you are outdoors, keep an eye out for any areas of shade if you are spending all day out with your companions. Make sure you carry plenty of water and offer them a drink regularly. They can become very excited as most people and other dogs will be out and about on warmer days so try to be watchful of their level of excitement as too much exercise can also increase body temperature.

Staying Safe Indoors

If you are indoors, make sure they are in an area with plenty of ventilation. If this isn’t possible think about leaving a table fan on for them during the day. And always top up the water bowl before you leave – it might be an idea to leave two water bowls if they are good drinkers.

Do not leave any pets in your vehicle for prolonged periods of time even with the window open. Vehicles can heat up internally and this alone can result in overheating your pet.


Our feline friends have adapted to living in different weather conditions and are very good at keeping themselves cool on hot summer days. You may often find them lying under cars or bushes relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of us trying to catch a bit of sun.

Enjoy The Warm Weather Safely

Keep the above points in mind when you are next outdoors or indoors on a warm day with your pet and ensure you are allowing them to enjoy themselves in a safe manner.

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