Insuring Your Pet

Laura Allsop answers some frequently asked questions about pet insurance, and explains how our Insurance Administration team can make the claim process easier for you should you need to make a claim.

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Please Insure Your Pet

One of the most distressing situations is when a pet’s illness is curable but unfortunately the cost is too high for the owner. This could result in an adored pet being put to sleep.

Laura from our Insurance Administration Team, answers a few frequently asked questions that pet owners may have.

I’ve never insured my pet before, what do I do?

Get some pet insurance! We don’t sell pet insurance but we can advise you on the types of policy available to you and your pet.

Is all pet insurance the same?

No, not at all. There are different policies, levels of cover, and different companies deal with processes and claims differently. It’s all about finding something that suits you.

How do you choose the right insurance?

Really know what you’re getting. Make sure it’s a suitable amount of cover.

We usually recommend a high-level lifetime policy with illnesses covered. Be careful to check that the amount of the veterinary fee cover is adequate. Over time, a single illness can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Check that there is a no limit on how long you can claim for each illness. Chronic conditions can go on for life, not just for 12 months.

What should I do if I need to make a claim?

Advise your insurance company on your situation, tell them that you need to make a claim. The insurance company will send you a Claim Form – you need to complete the Policy Holder Section. You then need to send it to us and we’ll do the rest!

Is there a difference between pet insurance and a pet healthcare plan?

Yes – pet insurance covers the costs of vet bills. A pet healthcare plan is preventative healthcare such as our VIP Pet Club, which enables you to budget for your pet’s routine preventative care and receive discounts on veterinary procedures (e.g. boosters and flea and worming treatments) and retail purchases.

Our Insurance Administration Team can:

  • Advise you on what to look for when choosing pet insurance
  • Help you with insurance claims and queries
  • Provide you with general advice and payment breakdowns
  • And even help get your claim re-assessed if you’ve been declined.

Our interest is to ensure we never compromise the quality of veterinary care because of cost. Laura, Michelle, Stacy and Amy from our Insurance Administration Team are available to help you from 8am until 7pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am until 12.30pm on Saturdays.

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