How To Give A Cat A Tablet

It can be tricky trying to administer a tablet to a cat. Here are some tips to help make the process easier.

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Hide The Tablet In Food

Some tablets can be crushed but please do check with us before proceeding with this method. Generally a small amount of either their favourite wet food or a specific treat such as lick-e-licks can be used to hide tablet.

The smellier the better to disguise the smell of the tablet! Give before normal food to ensure your cat is hungry and check they have eaten the tablet and not spat it out!

Manually Tableting A Cat

If your cat is too smart for the hiding in their food trick, then you will have to give the tablet manually. It is normally easier with two people so one person can hold the cat and the other can administer the tablet. Wrapping your cat in a towel can also help for wriggly cats.

To give tablet gently but firmly hold your cat’s head still with your free hand, and tilt the head backwards. You can then gently open their mouth with your other hand and place tablet as far back in the mouth as you can. Close the mouth and check for swallowing. Gently stroking the throat under the chin can help with this. Syringing a small amount of water afterwards can help and ensure tablet is swallowed.

Using A Pill Giver

Pill givers are a great tool to help give tablets, especially in feistier cats! These are like a syringe that you place the tablet in end of, and can then almost fire the tablet into the cat’s mouth. This keeps your fingers out of reach of those sharp teeth too! We sell these and can demonstrate usage with you. Our clinic nurses are also happy to help with showing you how to give tablets.

Hopefully these tips will help make tablet giving a less stressful experience for both yourself and your cat.

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