Horse Health Week 2015

Scarsdale Vets are supporting the first Horse Health Week 2015. Find out more about the 7 pillars of preventative horse health.

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Horse Health Week 2015

Prevention is better than cure!

To learn more about the 7 pillars of preventative horse health download your Responsible Horse Owner Booklets

Equine infectious diseaseInfectious Disease & Vaccination

Equine infectious disease can severely affect a horse’s health and performance and in some cases prove fatal.

Make sure you are aware of the facts – Download the infectious Disease & Vaccination booklet


Parasite controlParasite Control

Worms are a normal occurrence in horses but resistance to treatment is increasing, but you should find out how to best tackle internal and external parasites.

Download the Parasite Control booklet


Getting the right nutritionGetting the Right Nutrition

A balanced diet is crucial in helping to ensure a fit and healthy horse. Did you know that horses are designed to be chewing feed for a large portion of their day?

Find out more by downloading Getting the Right Nutrition booklet

Caring for your horse's teethCaring for your Horse’s Teeth

Good dental care is essential to prevent disease and to ensure your horse is comfortable.  To help keep your horse’s mouth comfortable make sure he has a routine dental examination at least every year.

Download the Caring for Your Horse’s Teeth booklet




General WellbeingGeneral Well-being

Horses are social animals and looking after their general well-being is as important as protecting their physical health.  Horses are resilient herd animals that prefer pasture even during poor weather.

Download the booklet on General Well-being



Caring for your horse's feetCaring for your Horse’s Feet

The old saying ‘No foot, No horse’ still holds true today.  Knowing what is normal will help you to spot anything out of the ordinary and enable you to identify any potential problems early.

Download the Caring for Your Horse’s Feet booklet


Taking on a new horseTaking on a New Horse

Buying or loaning a new horse can be one of the most rewarding things you can do but it comes with responsibility.

Download the Taking on a New Horse booklet


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