Grass Seed Warning

Grass seeds are a big problem at this time of year and so far we have removed them from eyes, ears, and paws! Read about the cases we have seen already

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When you have been out for walks please check your pet for evidence of seeds, especially their eyes, ears and feet.

Lovely Harley came in to see us at our Mickleover practice the other week after coming home from a walk with a sore eye. He was such a good boy and we were able to remove this grass seed with just a local anaesthetic.

In the picture you may be able to just make out his eye looking green from the dye we’ve put in, it shows up where the surface has been damaged. This should heal very quickly now the seed’s out, so he’ll be back to normal in a few days.

Mia came to see our vet Jen at the Stapenhill practice as she had a sore eye. After applying local anaesthetic Jen checked under her eyelids and found this grass seed!

No wonder Mia was uncomfortable. Thankfully the surface of the eye had not been damaged and after some treatment for the inflammation Mia should make a full recovery within a few days.

If your dog has a sore eye, ear or paw call your local practice for helpful advice.

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