Why You Should Get Your Dogs Groomed In The Summer

Proper pooch hair care is essential in the summer months, not only to keep your dog looking good, but to ensure they are in good health. Learn more about summer dog grooming.

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With busy schedules keeping us on the go, dog grooming often gets pushed aside for other commitments during the summer months.

However, proper pooch hair care is crucial – not just to keep your dog looking good, but also to ensure they’re in good pet health. Dogs, like humans, feel better when they are clean and healthy.

The longer days and warm weather inspire us to get ourselves and our dogs outside to soak up some sun. Grooming dogs in the summer can help reduce the heat and make your dog a little more comfortable.

Regularly Brush Your Dogs

It’s important to remember that dogs have a natural cooling system so clipping them all off isn’t always necessary, all dogs benefit from a good brushing, and you don’t have to be a pro to do that, it may be tempting to shave off all that thick hair for the summer, but don’t do it – unless they are a breed that gets clipped regularly!

Dogs use their coats as natural weather control and do not benefit from being completely shaved down. In fact, this can be uncomfortable and lead to skin problems since your dog’s skin isn’t meant to be exposed to that level of sun.

Instead, be more focused on brushing or combing your dog to remove thick winter undercoat, this will also prevent excess shedding and remove grass seeds and other objects which often find their way into your dog’s coat while playing outdoors.

Nail Care Is Essential

As dogs like to play outside in the summer, they may break their paw nails if they are not properly trimmed. Do not cut the nails more than required. Just cut from the tip where the nail begins and trim regularly to keep the nails short.

Increase Bathing

Consider increasing the baths during the summer months to ensure your dog’s coat stays as sleek and well-groomed as possible.

Additional baths will also help reduce parasites. Apply flea or tick repellent after the bath because many brands wash off in the bath tub.

Avoid Heatstroke

If you are concerned about your dog’s heat, avoid exercise or too much time spent in the yard during the peak of the heat. Provide plenty of shade and maybe even a wading pool for your dog.

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