Equine offers June 2014

Scarsdale Vets has a number of offers during June 2014, including vaccine amnesty, ID chips and lameness offers.

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We have a number of offers during June 2014:

Vaccine Amnesty – between 1st and 30th June 2014 First vaccine is £38.00 (including VAT) with the second vaccine being FREE!

Please remember that there is a minimum fee charge of £25.00 for Zone Visits so you may wish to combine the second vaccine with another service e.g. dentistry, microchipping etc. Find out more about the Z0ne Visit Scheme.

Equine ID Chips – June 2014 is Equine ID Chip Month

ID Chip – £15.00

ID and sketch – £25.00

No further discounts. Please note the minimum fee charge is £25.00 for Zone Visits

Lameness Offers during June 2014

£10.00 off initial lameness examinations – can be used either at the Markeaton practice or on yard visits.

Footbalance and X-ray package – £100.00 + VAT

Includes lateral and DP views of two feet (£150 for all four), an examination for lameness and weighing on the weigh bridge. Usual price is £246.46. This offer is for work undertaken at the Markeaton practice.


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