Equine Artificial Insemination

With mares naturally being at their most fertile in the Spring and Summer, now is the time to be breeding from your mare. Jacqui Paton explains more about artificial insemination.

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Jacqui Paton explains more about why artificial insemination is becoming increasingly popular.

It’s finally springtime, and you may be considering breeding from your favourite mare, or thinking of using a different stallion with a mare you have bred from before.

Equine artificial insemination is increasingly popular, for many reasons:

  • Wider choice of stallions, including those that are still competing, stallions located abroad and even stallions that are now deceased
  • Less risk of injury to the mare (and stallion!)
  • Reduced travelling, and reduced time away from home for the mare
  • Reduced risk of spread of disease

After the very long winter, most mares started to come into season later than normal, however the improvement in the weather means that most are now cycling normally.

Therefore it is a good time to be breeding from your mare, as mares are naturally at their most fertile in Spring and Summer.

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