Christmas Safety For Your Pet

Christmas is an enjoyable time for everybody. Read our tips to keep your pets safe and content this holiday season.

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Christmas is an enjoyable time for everybody, and that includes your pets. We provide Christmas safety tips for your pet on how to keep them safe during the holiday season to ensure it remains an enjoyable time for all.

Secure Your Christmas Tree

Christmas safety for pets is incredibly important. Christmas trees are a seasonal favourite but can pose hazards to pets. Firstly make sure that your tree is secure so that it can’t be easily pulled over. Also try to hide or cover electricity cables for Christmas lights so that they are not easily accessible to chew.

Food items should also not be left beneath the tree that animals could eat.

Amazingly, we do see the odd animal every year with pine needles stuck in their foot causing irritation or infection. For this reason, it is recommended to keep the floor around the tree clear of needles and restrict access of pets to the room where the Christmas tree is kept.

Keep Christmas Decorations Away From Pets

Decorations are lovely but should always be placed away from easy access to animals. Ribbons or tinsel when ingested can cause gut obstructions. Mistletoe is also poisonous when eaten or chewed.

Be Cautious Of The Treats You Are Giving Pets

Of course it is fine to give your pet the occasional treat, so long as it is not given in such amounts as to replace their daily diet. Small bits of chicken or turkey are fine and generally well tolerated by many healthy animals.

If your pet is on a prescription diet we even have recipes available for you to make your own treats out of their food… please feel free to speak to the team to discuss this.

Chocolate, some nuts and dried fruit (raisons, sultanas and currents) should all be avoided as they can prove very toxic to dogs.

Give Your Pet Space To Relax

Christmas can be a stressful period, not only for us adults but also for our pets too. The sudden influx of visitors and increased attention can be overwhelming. By giving your pet a space to escape, away from activity, can be a real help to relieve stress.

Pheromone sprays or diffusers are also available to promote a calming environment for dogs and cats. Speak to the team at your local practice to discuss options available or advice if this is a concern.

Take Care When Outdoors

Care should be taken in exercising your dogs in icy conditions, especially around lakes or ponds, where putting them on the lead is advisable.

Keep your dogs wrapped up warm and dry this winter. We have a large selection of coats available in our shop. If we don’t have what you want we can get most items in by the next day.

If you have any concerns about your pet, please contact your local practice to book an appointment.

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