Christmas Hazards For Your Pet

Christmas is an enjoyable time for everybody, however there are some items that can be dangerous to your pets. Read our list of top Christmas hazards

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Christmas is an enjoyable time for everybody, and that includes your pets.

However, there are some festive items that can be dangerous to your pets. Here is our list of top Christmas hazards to look out for during the festive period.


This is the time of year that people start to use anti-freeze. It is sweet tasting and therefore attractive to pets.

It can cause kidney damage and be fatal. Please ensure you clear up spillages and do not leave anti-freeze anywhere that animals can get to.

Christmas Decorations

They should always be placed away from easy access to animals.

Ribbons or tinsel when ingested can cause gut obstructions. Baubles, especially glass ones, can cause perforation of the gut when broken and eaten.

Christmas Greenery

Many are toxic to animals. Please keep foliage such as holly and mistletoe away from pets.

Pine needles from trees can cause irritation or perforation of the gut, and can get stuck in animals paws so vacuuming and keeping your tree’s water topped up should reduce the likelihood of fallen needles being eaten or stepped upon.


Chocolate is toxic to pets. Please also be mindful of chocolate tree decorations as pets will reach up to find the decorations potentially pulling over your Christmas tree also.


Grapes are toxic to pets. Also toxic is dried fruit so mince pies, Christmas cake etc need to be out of the reach of your pets.


Dogs being fed at the table or investigating the waste can encounter turkey bones.

They can cause choking and damage to your dog’s gut. Please dispose of turkey carcasses properly

These are just a few of the hazards we encounter at Christmas. If you think your pet has eaten something that is causing irritation, please contact your vet immediately. Early treatment can save your pet’s life!

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