Bo’s Visit to Pride Veterinary Centre

This is Bo who came to see us as she was quieter in herself and her abdomen was bloated.

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This is Bo who came to see us as she had diarrhoea, was quieter in herself and her Bo - 1abdomen was bloated. We discovered that her abdomen had fluid in it and her protein levels were low.

Bo had developed a condition called ‘protein losing enteropathy’ in which is when the absorption of protein in the gastro intestinal tract is affected, we gave her a plasma protein transfusion, performed an ultrasound which showed that there were no abnormalities and started her on treatment and a hypoallergenic diet. Over the next 72 hours we saw a dramatic improvement, she was brighter, eating well and the fluid in her abdomen resolved.

She was very pleased to get home and her mum says she’s doing really well and is back to normal.

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