AHDB Dairy Healthy Feet Programme

Reduce the number of lame cows on your farm . Find out more about the AHDB Dairy Healthy Feet Programme and how a mobility mentor can help you.

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Did you realise that an average case of lameness costs well over £300?

Or that most of this cost is ‘hidden’ and due to culling costs, reduced fertility and lower milk yield?

Would you like to see healthier feet in your herd?

Do you know how many of your cows are lame?

When did you last mobility score? Is it too time-consuming? Too awkward? Too depressing?

What are the main causes of lameness on your farm?

Reduce The Number of Lame Cows on Your Farm

Scarsdale Vets has been offering the AHDB Healthy Feet Programme for several years now. This involves a set of initial visits from a ‘mobility mentor’ (specially trained vet) to work with you to comprehensively assess lameness on your farm, provide some foot trimming training for you and formulate a tailored lameness reduction plan. Follow-up visits take place during the following year, and plenty of support material is provided.

The AHDB Healthy Feet Programme was developed to help you reduce the number of lame cows on your farm by identifying and applying the right management techniques. By understanding which types of lameness are present on your farm, and using a structured approach to tackle the underlying causes, you can tackle lameness effectively.

Contact us at the practice if you’d like to know more.

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