News from Scarsdale Pets

Worming Your Pet

Worm infestations can cause a wide range of consequences to your pets, from some mild gastro-intestinal signs to serious more illnesses. Aurelie Lippens explains the importance of worming your pets.

Has My Pet Got Dental Problems?

Dental disease is one of the most common conditions we are seeing in our pets due to the fact our pets are living longer. Learn the signs of dental disease and how it can be prevented.

Thinking Of Getting A New Pet?

Choosing the right pet for your family is an important decision, with a lot of factors to take in to consideration. Learn more about our drop-in clinics at Park Farm, where Kat Johnson can help you make an informed decision on choosing your new pet.

Poisonous Plants For Rabbits

If your rabbit has free run of the garden, it is ideal to remove any poisonous plants. Learn which plants should be avoided, and which ones are beneficial for your pet rabbit.

What Is Alabama Rot?

Alabama Rot damages the blood vessels in the skin, then the kidneys, leading to severe renal failure. Paul Revell explains about the causes and prevention.