Pet Safety At Halloween

Your Dog & Chocolate

Be careful when trick or treating. Although chocolate may make your children happy, it is poisonous to dogs.

Make sure all chocolate is out of reach of your pets and make sure that children know not to feed chocolate to your pets.

Walking Your Dog Over Halloween

When dog walking over Halloween and for a few days afterwards, please be aware of dropped chocolate and litter on the streets where excited children have dropped some of their goodies.

Taking Your Dog Trick Or Treating

Although having a dog with you may feel safer when trick or treating, they can become very excited when there are children running and screaming with costumes on. They may be prone to chasing or even become stressed when there are lots of children around making noise.

Always keep dogs on a lead to prevent them running off, and if you must take your dog out on Halloween, please ensure they have something to make them visible to vehicles.