Keeping Farm TB Records Up To Date

Sue Ivings explains the importance of keeping TB records up to date and complete on your farm.

In recent months the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) have been clamping down on incomplete results at TB tests.

It is an ongoing problem that not all animals listed on the current worklist are on the premises when the vet comes to carry out a TB test.

Currently, when submitting a TB test we can select an option of “not at location” for any animals that have been downloaded from CTS but have not been presented for testing. The APHA are now asking for all animals to be accounted for from the CTS download, meaning that evidence will need to be provided of movement off-farm (e.g. death or sale) if your records are not up-to-date.

If the APHA believe that the animal(s) have not been satisfactorily accounted for, the farmer will be notified in writing of the discrepancy and asked to take action to resolve the issue. Until the discrepancy is resolved, a new test will be issued for the missing animals. Unfortunately, this may mean that your test goes overdue and penalties are incurred.

We will help where we can, but ultimately it is the farmer’s responsibility to ensure that all movement records are up-to-date and that animals are correctly tagged.