Our Route on Le Tour de Scarsdale

Start at 9.30am – Pride Veterinary Centre join us for a tea or coffee to wish the team well!

Leg 1:  Pride Veterinary Centre to Duffield (approx. 10.5km)  

PicsGenTourRouteMap 1






Leg 2:  Duffield to Oakwood (approx. 9km)
Leg 3:  Oakwood to Shelton Lock (approx. 8.5km)
Leg 4:   Shelton Lock to Hilton (approx. 19km)
Leg 5:  Hilton to Stapenhill (approx. (15km)
Leg 6:  Stapenhill to Stretton (approx. 6km)
Leg 7:  Stretton to Mickleover (approx. 12.5km)
Leg 8:  Mickleover to Park Farm (approx. 7.5km)
Leg 9:  Park Farm to Markeaton (approx. 1.6km)

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We expect to see the cyclists arrive at the Markeaton Lane practice from 3pm onwards. We would love to see you cheer us on when we arrive. All our practices will be open as checkpoints along the way. Please check back with us to see when your local practice will be open to cheer on our cyclists.