News from Scarsdale Farm

Environmental Impact of Moxidectin

We’d like to draw your attention to the following update to the SPCs (Summary of Product Characteristics) for moxidectin products (specifically the ‘Cydectin’ and ‘Zermex’ ranges): ‘Moxidectin fulfils the criteria for a (very) persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) substance; therefore, exposure of the environment to moxidectin must be limited… Treatments should be administered only when […]

A Chilling Tale

Vaccines have a very short shelf life once opened or reconstituted, and they must be kept, during both storage and transport, at a cool 2-8°C. Going outside this range could mean the vaccine loses its potency and efficacy.

Mineral Boluses: Do It Once, Do It Right!

We are pleased to be able to offer you a new range of cattle boluses that are exclusive to XLVets clients – the Oligovet range. Supplementing your cows at each major step of their cycle is important to keep them – and their calves – in good health all year round. A variety of trace […]

Enzootic Abortion & Toxoplasmosis

Enzootic Abortion (EAE) and toxoplasmosis are major causes of abortion in sheep. Rose Jackson explains more and how a Flockcheck diagnostic test can check ewes for EAE & Toxoplasma

Carry On Foot-Bathing

If you have digital dermatitis (DD) on your farm, use a foot-bath regularly as a result, and graze over the summer, don’t stop foot- bathing! Carolyn explains why

Welcome to Pablo

With the recent increases in the frequency of TB testing in the Edge area, we’re very pleased to have a new vet on board. Join us in welcoming Pablo to the team.