News from Scarsdale Equine

Dental Care For Older Horses

The sooner dental disease is identified the easier it is to avoid the conditions and medical bills that go with it. It can be difficult for owners to spot dental disease. Kate Southorn shares some simple checks you can do.

React To Colic

Join us on Saturday November 11th when we will be running a React To Colic event in conjunction with the University of Nottingham and the British Horse Society’s ‘React’ campaign.

Equine Asthma

Equine Asthma and Recurrent Airway Obstruction are one of the most common causes of coughing and nasal discharge diagnosed in stabled horses. Find out more.

Nottingham Vet School Graduation 2017

Earlier this week, the students of The University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science graduated, and will no be embarking on the next stage of their careers as vets. We would like to pass on our congratulations and best wishes for the future to all the Class of 2017.