Zone Visit Scheme

In addition to our usual visits we also offer a Zone Visit Scheme, details are outlined below. If you do not want to use this scheme you can still book a standard visit, just call our reception team on 01332 294929.

To qualify for a FREE VISIT, simply book a visit in advance for routine work on the day we are visiting your area.

Click here to view the Zone Visit Scheme map

What qualifies as routine work for the Zone Visit Scheme? 

  • Routine Dental Work
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchips
  • Sketches
  • Initial examinations
  • Sedation for Clipping
  • 6 monthly bute reviews

Terms & Conditions 

  • Free visits are only available on the day we are visiting your zone
  • Includes routine work only (please contact reception for further information)
  • A minimum charge of £25 will apply. This can include a purchase from our shop or a voucher for a future shop purchase if necessary.
  • Payment must be made at time of visit.
  • Free visits must be booked by 5pm the day before
  • You are unable to request a specific vet or time, but notice will be given.
  • Book your visit early as number of visits per day is limited.

To book your free visit please telephone 01332 294929.