BVDFree England

The BVDFree Scheme aims to eliminate BVD from all cattle herds in the country by 2022, and will be run on a voluntary basis until most of the cattle industry is covered by the Scheme, when a solid case can be presented to the Government for collaboration on the introduction of compulsory measures.

Carolyn has recently completed the BVDFree training modules and passed the test set by the BCVA (British Cattle Veterinary Association). This has given her a higher level of awareness of BVD, its control and of how the new BVDFree Scheme works.

BVD Tags – A Word of Caution

For those of you who are ‘tag & testing’ with the BVD tissue tags, a note of caution as the weather warms up. Once a sample has been taken, the tags should not be exposed to extremes of temperature, or the BVD DNA in the tissue sample may denature, which could lead to falsely negative results from samples that are actually positive.

Store them in a cool dry place until they are sent off – this doesn’t have to be in the fridge, but make sure you avoid direct sunlight, hot windowsills, warm radiators etc.

Contact Carolyn at the practice, speak to your routine vet, or visit the BVDFree website for more information about BVD or BVDFree England.