Branch Focus: Duffield

Our Duffield Practice is the longest standing Scarsdale branch. It is based in an old cottage on Town Street in the heart of the village.

Meet The Duffield Team

The team here have been looking after the pets of Duffield and surrounding areas for many years.

Val, Anna, Keeley and Liz are the experienced Duffield team and are proud to know and have the trust of many local pet owners. Between us we have a selection of dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs, hamsters and ponies of our own! We understand the huge variety of your needs as pet owners.

We have been involved in caring for many pets within the community over the years. We have a car park at the back of the surgery where you can wait should your pet be nervous around other animals or people. Home visits can usually be arranged after morning surgery if you call us in advance.

Facilities At Our Duffield Practice

We are fortunate to be able to provide most needs to most pet owners, but should the need arise all our clients have access to our Allestree (Park Farm) surgery where full operating facilities are available as well as Saturday morning appointments.

We strive to provide excellent first line, preventative healthcare, medical care, pet passports, blood sampling, veterinary advice and reliable communication if your pet should require hospitalisation or referral to one of our specialist team at Pride Veterinary Centre. Most post-operative care appointments can then be passed back to us.

For those who work during the week we offer routine weekend appointments at our central Pride Veterinary Centre hospital. All out of hours care for your pets is in the capable hands of our experienced night vets and nurses who are dedicated to out of hours work.